Spider Solitaire by MobilityWare App Reviews

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Solitaire is an addictive game and this version is no different, always enjoyable.

Voll cool

Macht total Spaß, ist super umgesetzt. 79 Cent lohnen sich.


But Its addictive.....

Great game,best version out there.

I like that you can change the backs of the cards.

Crashing constantly

This has been great until lately but now its constantly crashing. Cant finish a game. Uninstalled & reinstalled but still no luck. Had the paid version & now Im getting ads again. Sad :(

Spider Solitaire

Excellent way to pass some time. Very addictive!


Ive always liked this from of solitaire. This one plays very well. With two suits you win more often than you lose. The key is to clear a row as quickly as you can.

Spider Solitaire

A traditional Solitaire, tough to win but addictive to try and improve your personal best. No glitches!


Very fun and addictive. Great game design!


This is the game I mostly play on I-Pod/-Pad. (Im sad, I know. Theres more games than any game hall would ever think of, or have wild dreams about, and I like solitaire. :P )

A great super game.


Spider Solitaire

Good game providing hours of enjoyment!


One of my favorites! Also like gin rummy.

Good Choice

Clear, straight forward,lots of fun. It works just like its supposed to.

Spider Solitaire is totally addictive.

I love playing the 2 suit game.


Very addictive!

Best Game

Great game to exercise the brain!

Great way to pass time!

My favourite solitaire game. Works great and is so easy to play....great way to pass time in waiting rooms, or just to get my mind off other things for a few minutes.

Great Solitaire!

I love being able to customize the cards & the background. Great app!

Good app

Great, addictive way to pass the time while flying.

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